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 Your Trusted Partner

Becoming a trusted partner of the organisations and companies we work with, as well as optimising your business and performance, are our key objectives.

The real world breadth of experience offered by Principal Murray Bain, ensures you are provided with both strategic and operational support.

Governance Services

Murray is an experienced company director and senior manager who has worked in the private and public sectors in both governance and senior management positions. He brings a range of knowledge and experience to the Board table particularly in the following areas:
• significant experience in the role of Boards both in leadership and in supporting management
• strategically positioning organisations in periods of disruptive
• wide experience across multiple sectors ranging from health and education through to electricity distribution and banking.
• a strong understanding of digital technologies including the strategic opportunities and the risks they present
• indepth experience in government processes
• expertise in financial and risk management

Consulting Services

Murray working background in finance and IT , as well as in leading the operational side of organisations, ensures he brings a unique mix of skills, combining strategic thinking with an understanding of practical operational realities and the importance of bringing staff and management on the journey.

His governance and senior management experience, together with having operated across a range of industries and organisational ownership structures, enables him to bring an experienced based approach to addressing strategic and organisational challenges.
Experience includes:
• advising on the role of governance both in leadership and in supporting management. This often includes
• assisting organisations to achieve the clear separation of governance from management
• working with Boards where governance experience is limited.
• working strategically to position an organisation for the future – through transformational change where necessary;
• working with trusts that is responsible for significant operational functions
• interfacing and building relationships between government agencies and the private sector;
• advising on the effectiveness of organisation design, governance roles and executive teams;
• managing through significant organisational change including cultural focus (for example, bringing together a group of regional organisations into a single national entity);
• complex project implementation and organisational configuration;
• risk and financial management;
• transitional chief executive and leadership roles; and
• providing a macro perspective of global and national technological drivers and challenges.